Only Up

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Jump up in this game

Only Up is a game familiar to many players and streamers around the world. You will have the opportunity to experience the impressive graphics in this game.

The name of this game speaks for itself. You need to jump as high as possible. The final point will be outer space where you will see a spaceship. You must master your jumps to be able to complete the mission.

Jump carefully and skillfully

To be able to jump into outer space, you will follow a special path. This path is made up of familiar everyday objects. There are objects with a wide surface so it is easy to jump. However, it will be difficult to jump on objects with small surfaces or spheres. Therefore, you need to adjust the force and jump direction correctly.

Game control

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the character. Press the spacebar to jump. This simple control is similar to controls in Parkour Block 5. After conquering Only Up, you can try this parkour game.

Help Jackie escape the slums

This game is about a boy's dream of a prosperous life. He lives in the slums and wants to live in a richer place. The only way is to jump up. You will see that the path Jackie takes will be made of items that become more valuable as you go up. You only need to slide on once, you will probably fall back to where you started. Your character will not be injured, the efforts you tried before will be gone. Come to Only Up and enjoy it too!