Mahjong Classic

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About this game

Mahjong Classic is a classic game which is inspired by Mahjong. Nowadays, it is played on smart devices as a digital version instead of a traditional version.

The objective of Mahjong Classic

To win this game, you have to remove all tiles from the board. The time is limited, so you need to be quick. To clear the tiles, you have to match pairs of identical tiles together. You will repeat this action until there are no more possible matches. This game offers many different layouts which can be chosen in the main menu. The complex layouts with more tiles are always more challenging than the others. Therefore, if you are a newbie, it's better to select simple layouts with a few tiles. For more entertaining games, you can try Bloxorz. This is also a puzzle game to hone your mind.

Tips and tricks

  • You should start to clear the tiles from the top board which allows you to discover more tiles and create more new matches.
  • When you get some wrong move, you can use the undo button. You can undo your wrong movement. You also can take advantage of this button if there are no available moves.
  • Look at all the boards! Sometimes, you can't see any available matches, you can get some hints by pressing the hint button.

The rules to create matches in Mahjong Classic

Have you ever played traditional mahjong? This game still keeps the basic rules of that traditional game. Now, you will know what the required elements are to get the matches.

Identical tiles

Only identical tiles can be removed from the board. This means the tiles must have the same symbol, character, or design on them. In this game, you can select the symbol for your tiles. There are fruits, words, traditions, etc for you to choose from.

Free tiles

You can only select and match free tiles. A tile is considered free if it is not covered by any other tile and has at least one side (left or right) unblocked. In other words, you should be able to slide the tile out without moving any other tiles.