For Honor Warriors IO

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Become a warrior in this game

For Honor Warriors IO takes you and other players to a general platform where each player must fight each other. You must be strong to survive.

Are you ready to fight other warriors in this game? You will choose the right warrior to join this war. There will be no strongest warrior, only warriors that are right for you. Each warrior will have different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to look at their stats before choosing. Some warriors are unlocked after you complete certain missions or have enough gold to buy them. For more multiplayer games, you can experience Paper.io 2.

How to turn into the best warrior in For Honor Warriors IO

This is a war of the strong so the weak warriors will be eliminated. To survive to the end in this game, you need to collect power-ups to become stronger.

Collect power points

Power points appear as spots of light on the ground, and you just need to get close to absorb them. They will then help you increase your experience points on the experience bar. When this holy experience is full, your warrior will automatically level up. Of course, leveling up is equivalent to increasing strength. Your movement or attack speed will be faster and even the warrior's size will be larger.

Take down opponents or bots

There will be bots moving around the map. They cannot attack but have many strength points. You just need to defeat these warriors to earn many power points. In addition, defeating a true warrior will help you gain many experience points. Of course, you also need to be careful with your opponent's attacks.