Flappy Dunk

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About Flappy Dunk

Are you ready to shoot a flying ball into the rings which will locate in the air? Don't let your ball fly too high or too low in Flappy Dunk!

If you are an online gamer, you may be familiar with the Flappy Bird game. The Flappy Dunk is designed based on the basic rules of that fun game. However, this sports game has unique features. Instead of overcoming the columns, you need to put the flappy ball into the basket. Of course, falling into the space or touching the top causes the end game. Although this game has very basic control, it's hard to conquer this endless game.

Bounce the ball into the ring

The ball will fly in the air in Flappy Dunk. You will click the left mouse button to bounce the ball in the air. Control cleverly to put the ball into each ring. If you miss one ring, you must restart the game. This is an endless game, so you just try your best to collect as many points as possible. One accurate shot will give your one point. Many players give up after some try. Do you have enough patience to play this game? All best to you!