Fisher Cat Online

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Hunt the fish in Fisher Cat Online

You own the modern weapon to catch fish in Fisher Cat Online. Aim the fish and release arrows to get fish. The more fish you catch, the more points you get.

In Tiny Fishing or Catch The Fish, you use the fishing rod to catch fish. However, your equipment will change in Fisher Cat Online. You will control a cat which really loves eating fish. He dives into the sea to capture a lot of fish. You will help him aim the target, then shoot the arrow. Try to catch as many fish as you can in one shot.

How to catch lots of fish

The cat can't breathe under the water for long, so he uses scuba. This scuba only provides an amount of oxygen for a short time. Therefore, you don't have much time to hunt fish. This is a hard feature of Fisher Cat Online.

Aim and shoot the arrow accurately

The cat has a cannon which is installed with a sharp arrow. Now, you will use the target circle to aim the fish. There are a lot of fish around you, but they swim very quickly. You have to aim them correctly and shoot on time. When your arrow gets through the fish, you can collect them. Be careful with jellyfish because they can reduce your oxygen in the scuba. You should avoid them.

Buy new cannons and upgrade them

Fisher Cat Online is designed with various cannons in the shop. There are six cannons that can be unlocked and upgraded with coins. The more expensive cannon will hunt fish more effectively. Buying upgrades will strengthen your cannon and get more fish in the fishing trip.