Fish Story 2

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Explore many creatures under the sea

Fish Story 2 is set under the water. Your mission is to collect enough marine fish in the sea. Let's match them together to get them! Many levels are for you!

The sea always contains incredible creatures. Now, you will play a matching game which is set up under the deep sea. There is no limited time, so you can make a perfect strategy to solve the puzzle. This matching game reminds me of Animal Crush Match 3. All of them are suitable for children and families with simple gameplay.

Complete Fish Story 2 tasks

The game has many different levels which offer some special tasks. You have to collect enough given creatures or objects. Now, let's see how to finish the hard tasks.

Merge the same blocks

You can see a table with many blocks. Each block has a sea creature or an object. You can get them by moving the same blocks into a line. This line has three or more blocks. If you can merge four or more blocks, you can take some blasts such as Line Blast or Cross Blast. They will help you collect more items and creatures you need.

Get the high score

The more blocks you clear, the more points you get. Moreover, if you complete a mission with fewer movements, the left movements become your extra points. The movements aren't infinite, so you must carefully change the position of the blocks.

How to control

In this game, you just need to use the mouse to play. Click and drag to move the items. Of course, you only exchange the items which are near together horizontally or vertically in this game Fish Story 2.