Animal Crush Match 3

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Welcome to the matching game

Animal Crush Match 3 has many different kinds of animals on a grid. Your mission is to clear all of them by connecting them together. Good luck to you!

The rules to connect

You will not be able to connect any animals together. The selected animals must be the same. In addition, they must lie next to each other. You can connect animals horizontally, vertically or diagonally as long as the cells containing them are next to each other. This is why this game becomes quite difficult. Moreover, to increase its difficulty, the time in this game is limited.

How to control

You just need to use the left mouse to play if you enjoy the computer. If you play on a mobile device, let's tap on the screen.

Get the highest score in Animal Crush Match 3

This game has no level and it also isn't an endless game. Each match will last for a certain time. For a given time, you must get as many scores as possible. To complete this goal, you must destroy many grid blocks. If you can clear many animals at one time, your score will increase. Of course, you also save a lot of time if you can do that. The cute graphics remind me of an animal game called Duck. You also can experience it if you have leisure time.