Fireboy and watergirl 1 Forest Temple

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Explore an ancient forest temple in this game

Fireboy and watergirl 1 Forest Temple is a classic game for everyone to play. You can invite another friend to join the game or control two characters yourself.

This is a game that is recommended to be played with a partner. You and your companion will move together in an ancient temple complex in the forest. Two people need to work together to solve puzzles and reach the final doors. The two characters in this game are also quite special because they have different powers and appearances. Different from the normal human character in Bloxd.io, you will see a water girl and a fire boy.

Go through the exit doors in Fireboy and watergirl 1 Forest Temple

This game will require the combination of two characters together. Therefore, playing with a companion will make the game easier. You need to be very wise to make the right choices.

Avoid dangers

The ancient temple always contains many dangers that can hurt your character. Puddles are dangerous for fireboy while lava will hurt watergirl. So, you need to avoid these dangers when you control specific characters. Additionally, the green puddle will threaten both characters. If a character is injured, the game will start over from the beginning.

Activate objects in the temple

The Temple has different mazes and paths that may be blocked. The stone doors can be opened with buttons or levers. You need to work with a partner to activate these buttons and levers. Also, don't forget to collect colored diamonds along the way. If you like an arcade game, you can't miss Tiny Fishing.