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Welcome to Minecraft world in this multiplayer game

Bloxd.io is a multiplayer game that contains diverse modes for any player. You need to exploit the materials around you and use them to build your structures.

This game allows you to exploit any materials in the environment. However, you will take a long time to exploit hard materials such as rocks. Although you may spend a lot of time getting the hard materials, they can create a solid building for you. Moreover, the sound effects of each movement of this game are very lively and bring a realistic experience to you. This game is created with Minecraft graphics which are based on the square to create objects. Although this graphics style can't demonstrate object detail as in Tiny Fishing, it still makes this game unique.

Some interesting features in Bloxd.io

If you are a big fan of the Minecraft game, this game can bring a new view to this kind of online game. The graphics and basic mechanics won't change but you can find many modes in this game. Each mode even can be considered as a mini-game. The targets and missions of each mode are different.

Diverse mode

There are 17 modes in this multiplayer game. You can select one of them without unlocking or paying. Each mode can bring different tasks to you and some of them even have no required task. Now, I'll list some outstanding modes here.

  • Survival: This mode creates a persistent open world that allows you to attack other players. You also can do other things like building, exploring, or even destroying other buildings.
  • Peaceful: As the name of this mode, you need to mine, build, and explore in a persistent open world.
  • Creative: This mode provides infinite blocks to players and they can mine forever.
  • Hide and seek: This mode is inspired by the board game. You need to hide as a block and not get caught.
  • Worlds: You can invite any friends to this mode and create your world in this mode.
  • Evil Tower: Your environment in this mode is a tall tower where you have to climb your way to the top of it. Of course, you have to return the first point if you fall.

Mine and build in this game

You can collect the different blocks and store them in your pockets. If you want to build a structure, you need to locate the position to place the stored blocks. Then, click the right mouse button to place your blocks into a located position. Remember that the left mouse button is mine.