Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3

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Enjoy Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3

Continuing the success of the Fancy Pants Adventures series, Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3 was released. With a familiar character, you have new adventures.

Your main character is still a stickman who has outstanding yellow pants. He also can be called Pants Man. The king gets into some trouble and needs Pants Man's help. Let's jump out of bed and start a new adventure. First of all, you need to train with a bobble head and make sure you're still in tip-top condition.

Your mission in Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3

In this game, you have to reach the exit door which is put at the end of the road. Therefore, you have to face many obstacles and foes on the road. You can jump, and slide over them. To the enemies, you can kill them or avoid them. It's up to you. With the smooth movements of the main character, the game can keep you hooked for hours. Sushi Party also can bring much fun for you. Let's try it!

Ways to control the character

Let's press the S key to jump and collect that squiggle by going through them. Hold down and jump to go higher. Sometimes, jumping along isn't enough. Use your momentum while jumping and you are able to jump half as high as you can. You can attack enemies by stomping. However, that's only a basic attack. You can have more damage attacks by holding down while running to slide into a baddie. When you have to face a high wall, it can be overcome with an alone jump or a higher jump. Let's hold towards the wall to start wall jumping. Try to change the direction when hitting the jump.