Sushi Party

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Welcome to Sushi Party io

Control a snake to eat a lot of sushi and food in the Sushi Party game. This is a multiplayer game, so you compete with other snakes of many players.

Many sushi and Japanese food are given in the game. This food can strengthen and lengthen your snake. Therefore, you must consume this food to become the king in the area. This game also attracts players with many interesting features.

Purchase the hats

Besides a giant Sushi Party, there are hundreds of hats. Your snake will be more adorable and fun with these hats. Let's make your snake outstanding with these hats.

Reach the achievement

You can complete some given achievements to get some rewards. The work can be to eat 500 sushi, pop 5 snakes, reach a length of 2000 meters, and so on. All of them are very difficult for newbies, so you don't need to complete them immediately.

Get the mysterious balls

Sometimes, you will receive a secret ball that contains a surprise. However, you need to watch a short ad to get the reward for these balls.

Two modes in Sushi Party

You can play alone in 1P mode or have fun with friends in 2P mode. You and your friends will be partners with each other. If one snake of the team dies, both of you will fail.

The rules to successful in Sushi Party

  • In this game, wiggling your snake through the big opponents and collecting as much food as possible.
  • Swiping the mouse to control the snake is easier than using the keyboard. You can boost the speed by clicking and holding the left mouse button. However, the snake will consume a lot of food if it moves quickly.