Extreme Moto Run V3

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How to overcome traps in Extreme Moto Run V3

Ride your motorcycle in Extreme Moto Run V3. You will face a lot of obstacles on the way to the finish line. Can you pass over all levels in this game?

In this game, you should ensure that you will acquire many focuses by driving your vehicles on the crazy road. Many players consider this game to be difficult. You will think so after you look at the exceptional tracks. At any cost, you must keep away from every one of the deterrents, and arrive at the end goal in the shortest time. The level will go up after you reach the destination. You need to always keep driving forwards and just stop when you see the stop signs. Otherwise, you can fall into tons of sharp blades and saws. Moreover, many movable blocks or bars are potential dangers in Extreme Moto Run V3.

People also ask

How can I save the game data of this game?

You can select to save online or save local. If you save online, you need an account. From that, you can save your data on any device and browser while you only can save your data in a browser with local save.

Can I customize my bike in Extreme Moto Run V3?

Yes, you can change the color of the bike and the driver. However, you can unlock more styles if you login this game.

How to drive the bike with keyboards?

Just use the arrow keys to control the bike.

Is there a leaderboard?

Yes, you can see a leaderboard in all time, 30 days, 7 days and Newest time. Hope to see your username on this board.

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