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Play EvoBlade.io online

EvoBlade.io is a multiplayer game where players will join and compete with each other. The last survivor will get the final victory. Power up and fight now!

When you get many victories, you can get much experience. From that, it's possible to reach some medals such as Bronze II, Silver I, Gold I, and so on. Of course, each medal offers a new kind of knife for you. Don't forget to complete daily missions to claim some coins. The missions may be open rank, play with friends, merge knives 3 times, etc.

Two main actions in EvoBlade.io

Merge knives

To own the most powerful knives, you need to combine the low-level knives. As soon as two identical knives merge, you will get a new knife with a higher level. Of course, high-level knives can bring more advantages to players. For example, level 1 knives only produce 15 coins each second while level 3 knives can create 65 coins each second.

Join the battles

You can click on the play button to start one fight. Then, you will appear on a playground with many opponents. You need to be strong by collecting the objects on the floor. It's better to attack others if you have more knives than him. You should withdraw immediately when seeing a more powerful opponent. Besides this game, you can take part in other battles of building bridges in Bridge Race 3D. Hope you will have fun!