Bridge Race 3D

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Build bridge in Bridge Race 3D

Bridge Race 3D will turn you into a talented architect. To reach the finish line, you will combine a lot of platforms together to make a bridge.

The finish line is put on a huge yacht. If you want to move on this yacht, you must have a long bridge. This bridge is built from the sea to the yacht. There are many opponents who will join this competition. You must reach the destination first before your opponent can do it. Otherwise, you will lose.

How to make a solid bridge in Bridge Race 3D

The platforms float on the water and you will control your stickman to collect them. However, you only can get the platforms that have the same color as your stickman. The bridge frames are available, so you just need to arrange the platforms on one of them. Don't try to build on the other's bridge. In the first level, you only compete with one opponent. However, two foes will challenge you in the next level. You should estimate the lengthe of the brigde to get enough platforms. Don't waste to to collect too many platforms! Speed will decide your victory in each match!