Draw Climber

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Draw legs for a cube

Show off your drawing skills in the Draw Climber game. The cube needs legs to run to the destination. You will turn this impossible thing into fact.

A little cube is on the narrow road which floats in the sky. Reaching the finish line is the main target of the cube. However, it can't move because of its shape. Therefore, with the pen in your hand, let's help this poor cube. There are many levels with different terrains. Another character needs your help. Stickmen lose in mazes with tons of obstacles in Stickman Boost 2. You need to do something.

How to pass each level in Draw Climber

The road of each level will change. At almost level, your cubes have to climb the stairs. Therefore, long legs are recommended. However, sometimes, long legs will get your cube stuck. At that time, short legs are the best choice. You need to contrive to length and shape your lines to be suitable. On the way, you can redraw the lines any time you want. If you fall into the space, you can replay at the last checkpoint. Of course, you have to check at the checkpoint first. The coins along the road can buy speed upgrades, so let's collect them. This game will bring much fun for you. With various levels, your drawing talent will be proved.