Burger Restaurant Express

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Create burgers in Burger Restaurant Express

You need to make a lot of beautiful burgers in the Burger Restaurant Express game. With your unique recipe, many customers will love your tasty hamburgers.

The steps to make burgers in Burger Restaurant Express

Let's make our first Hamburger! First of all, we need to have some freshly made bread. We also need to cook beef meat. Let's put it on the grill. When the bread is ready, let's place it in the preparation tray. You should pay attention to the beef meat. When the meat is ready, let's move it to the tray before it burns. If you make any mistake or the meat gets burnt, drag it to the trash. It will cost you money.

Serve the burgers according to the demands

Each buyer wants to eat different burgers and food. Some customers want a burger with ketchup. Drag the ketchup into the burger. You can tap the order to see it ingredients in more detail. Then you must pick up the money in order to add it to your score. If you dispatch the orders fast enough, you will also receive a tip. Remember that if a client has to wait for too long, he will leave and you will lose money.

Your mission in Burger Restaurant Express

Earn at least the target money before the time runs out. Try to reach higher scores for extra rewards. Therefore, you need to cook as quickly as possible. However, you need to avoid throwing the burger into the trash.