Earn To Die

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Drive your car over the zombies' area

Earn To Die is set up at the end of the world where zombies are dominating the earth. Drive a car to overcome many dangerous places in this game.

What happens in Earn To Die

You are the only survivor in the world. There are millions of zombies around you. You need to drive your car to move as far as possible to find the food. The zombies can't attack you, but your fuel is limited. If you move further, you will get more cash. This game is designed with cartoon graphics, so it doesn't have too many bloody pictures. On the way, you can hit any zombies with your special vehicles. Zombies make you scared. You can move to play Sokoban which is a puzzle game.

Never stop

The road has many obstacles such as boxes, wooden bars, and gaps which can take your time. You must move your car quickly because your fuel will run out fast. If you stop for a few seconds, the distance you move will be shorter. Of course, you get less cash. So, keeping moving on the road is the best way to earn money.

How to control the vehicles

Earn To Die has very simple control. You just need to press the up arrow to move forward. The left and right arrows tilt the vehicle. If your vehicle overturns, the game ends.

What benefits of cash in Earn To Die

As you know, you will get some money after completing a path. Then, you can use them for some interesting purposes.

Upgrade your vehicle

You can buy upgrades for your special car. Let's use the money to power up the engine, gearbox, wheels, zombie kit, gun, boost, and fuel. All these can help your vehicle to be stronger. From that, it can roll on the further distance and hit more zombies.

Buy new vehicles

Earn To Die offers three huge trucks with strange designs for you. The first truck is available without purchasing. However, the others only unlock when you complete level 1 and 2.

Learn about map

You can see a map which shows your position. You also can look at where you went on this map. You must control your vehicle for some days at one place. Each map has different challenges and backgrounds, so you always have a chance to discover new things.