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About Sokoban

Sokoban is a puzzle game where you have to push the boxes to the green points. The maze won't large for you to move the boxes easily. Think carefully!

A fun character is trying to take the boxes to the green points but they are too heavy. Therefore, he just can push them on the floor of a maze. He needs your help. The maze has four walls and don't put the box close to the walls. You may get stuck. Don't worry! You can replay the level. Making mistakes on the first try will give you much experience. From that, you can make the proper strategy to solve the problem.

How to play Sokoban

To complete the mission, you have to take a lot of time. The beginning level will be very easy but it's hard in the next levels. Although there are many blocks on the way, you must put two boxes to the destination. When the boxes come to the green points, they will turn green. However, they won't permanent at that time. You can continue to move them.

How to control

You just press the arrow keys to move the boxes. You will repeat these control in 60 levels. After mastering all levels, you can visit Blob Opera which is an absolutely relaxing game.