Dynamons 5

20 votes 4.3/5

New battles in this game

Dynamons 5 is a fighting game where pets will fight each other. You need to train your pets to become strong and defeat all opponents. Good luck!

5th version of the Dynamons series

After the success of the Dynamons 4, the fifth version was released. It will retain some basic features in this game. However, you won't get bored as a few new features are added to this game. The graphics are also much more impressive. You will have a chance to see more new Dynamons. I'm sure they'll be bigger and better looking than previous versions.

Simple control

You just need to use the mouse to play this game. With extremely simple controls, children can also play this game. You only need a computer or smartphone to enjoy this game. Remember to connect them to the Internet because this game is an online game.

Find opponents on the go in Dynamons 5

Your pets will become stronger when they can fight their opponents. After each battle, your pets will receive a certain amount of experience points.

Win for loot

When participating in a battle, the opponent will give some items. If you win that battle, you will get this item number. The stronger the enemy, the more valuable the loot. However you find it impossible to win, run away. Click on the run icon on the screen to leave the battle.

Attack your opponent

The Dynamons will take turns launching attacks to attack the opponent. Sometimes these attacks will miss. When you choose Dynamons, you should be clear about its elemental power. In addition, you need to understand some elemental rules in this game. For example, Water Dynamons can easily defeat Fire Dynamons. Additionally, you can catch more wild Dynamons along the way. Make sure your team has all the elements.