Dumb Way To Die

8 votes 3.7/5

Relax your mind

Dumb Way To Die may make you laugh because of the silly death in this game. The fun characters are always in danger and you need to keep them safe.

Although this game is about death, it's scary. The characters are designed with fun drawings. All details of this game are created in cartoon style. I think that the game developers of this game are very creative. They can make up many unique and inconceivable deaths. Your characters are a little dumb because they can recognize the dangers. You're here to help them.

Solve the puzzle to save characters in Dumb Way To Die

I don't mean the puzzle questions or the matching puzzle. In each situation, you have to find a way to keep the character away from death. Believe me, these characters always find ways to die. For example, they find meteorites in space, feed snakes, tease bears, and many other crazy acts. If you don't help them in time, they will pay for their actions.

How to keep them safe

It's better to follow the guidelines of each level. Moreover, time is very important in this game. You only have a few seconds to complete your mission at each level. You will lose if the time's up without a completed mission.

Game control

You just need to use the mouse to play this game. I also know another game that has simple controls like this. It's Castle Keeper where you just drag the mouse to shoot enemies and upgrade your character.