Castle Keeper

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Play defense game

Castle Keeper requires you to keep your character safe. Your stickman has great archery. You just move him to aim correctly. Don't let foes hit him.

You are bored with peaceful games like Memory Match Puzzle. It's time to move to Castle Keeper. In this game, you will become a castle keeper. Your stickman is blue and the opponents are red. The red army wants to attack and dominate your castle. You have to face tons of troops. Of course, you are alone. Let's show off who you are.

Protect your castle in Castle Keeper

Do you know the mission of a castle? You have to beat any invaders even when they are a crowded army. How to beat an army while you are fighting alone.

Upgrade your character

The enemies' power is increasing day by day. Therefore, you also need to purchase some upgrades for your character. You can level up the archery damage, the character speed, and so on. Moreover, you also can use coins to get some special abilities such as freezing enemies.

Use the other objects

You can utilize some things to defeat many foes. For example, you can knock down the ladder to crush the enemy. Moreover, you also can roll wood boxes to knock down the red stickmen. Of course, you must buy the wooden boxes. For the ladders, the opponents will use them to climb up your castle wall.