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Get ready for an adventure with the duck

Duck is an adventure game where you must control a duck to reach the exit door. The key is the only thing to open the door. Moreover, be careful with spikes.

You will see a duck with a regular shape having an amazing adventure. Just like Climb Over It, control the character to overcome all challenges. However, moving the duck will be easier because it can walk normally. Remember your mission is to get out of the maze with the exit door.

Two things to do to complete the quest in Duck

In this game, in order to get out of the maze, you need to go through a door. This door is locked and needs a key.

Collect the key

You will not have to solve puzzles to find the key because it can be located anywhere on the map. However, it will always be located away from your character. Move skillfully to catch this key. The key plays an important role in this game. Without it, you won't be able to pass the level.

Reach the Duck destination

Once you have the key, you need to move to the door location. To increase the difficulty of the game, the door and the key will be far apart. When you approach the door with the key, it will open automatically. Just press the down arrow to enter the door.

Game control

  • Use the left and right arrows to move the character forward or backward
  • Press the up arrow to jump and double click for jump higher
  • Use the down arrow to go through the door.