Climb Over It

1 votes 4.5/5

Challenge your skills

Climb Over It is a hard game because you must control a special character to over obstacles. You need to collect the red diamonds and reach the finish line.

Not everyone can pass this game. Especially, if you are playing this game for the first time, you will find it quite difficult. When I played this game, I couldn't even get past the rock on the first level. However, I think the player needs a bit of ingenuity and perseverance to be able to complete the mission. With its conquering gameplay, this game will keep you hooked for hours.

How to play Climb Over It

This game has simple gameplay but it is very difficult to master it. You can see a pretty special character here. He won't use his legs to run or jump like Mario in Super Mario Bros. All he has is a hammer. He is sitting in a golden barrel. Help him jump high with the thrust of that hammer.

Jump over obstacles

He must jump very high to be able to overcome the obstacles on the road. Do not rush! You have plenty of time to practice your skills. Use your mouse to play this game. Click the left mouse to push the character up with the hammer. The obstacles are designed differently with different shapes and positions. So, you have to handle the situation smartly.

Collect red diamonds

Along the way, you need to collect red diamonds. They are beautiful, but they are not for decoration. You will use them to open new worlds. You can unlock all of them as long as you have enough diamonds. I'm waiting to see how many players can open all of these worlds.