Drift Boss

10 votes 3.8/5

Join the race with no end point

Drift Boss is a great game for you to show off your amazing driving skills. Perform cool drifts to overcome the bends and collect lots of coins along the way.

Fun race for everyone

This game has quite eye-catching 3D graphics and simple gameplay suitable for a lot of players of all ages. In addition, this game will not be blocked at school or office. So people can enjoy it anywhere as long as your device is connected to the Internet. You can start the game now to explore more interesting features in this game.

Get the reward

You can get useful gifts after you take attendance. Every day you come to this game, you will receive a gift. In addition, sometimes you can also receive gifts from spinning the wheel. These gifts can be quite helpful in this run.

Move forward in Drift Boss

There will be no end point like in the game Drift F1 and you will have to drive continuously. The game only ends when your car disappears from the track.

Beware of the dangerous road

Your path is not smooth. It contains rough sections that make it easy for your vehicle to lose control. What's more, the narrow turns send your car into the air. You need to get over them at all costs. Turning right at the right time is essential in this speed game.

Collect coins

Many coins appear along the way and you need to collect them. You don't use them to unlock levels, but to buy some boosters and skins in the shop. These boosters can be double score, car insurance and coin rush. They will help a lot when you join this race. However, collecting coins is not a mandatory task. You might consider putting your safety first.