Drift 3

3 votes 3.7/5

Move continuously forward in this game

Drift 3 is a racing game that requires skillful control. You have to compete with other racers on the road. Moreover, don't let the vehicle out of the race.

Many car options

This game offers many new cars for you. The special thing is all of them are available and you don't need to unlock them as in Drift Boss. What is your favorite car? I like the small car more because it's convenient on narrow roads.

Simple control

You can click the left mouse and hold it to turn. You need to turn on time to avoid falling into the air. If you play on a mobile, you just tap on the screen to play this game.

Lead first in the race of Drift 3

There are 7 opponents in the race and you need to pass them. I know this isn't an easy mission but I think you can do it.

Drift over the bends

The road has many parts which connect together by a lot of bends. You need to turn left or right to over these bends. Some paths are very small and the bends are also narrow. Thus, it's hard to drift. Moreover, the speed of the car is faster, so your finger must be quick. The slopes in this game also can make your car out of the race. Be calm and be accurate!

Follow the statics

You can see your rank through the mini leaderboard on the screen. You can see who leads first in the race. If you get first place, you can see a crown on your car. Sometimes, you can hit the other car to push them into the air. However, this action is very dangerous because your car may fall according to the opponent.