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Enjoy the Drawize game

Drawize is an enjoyable online drawing game. The game Pictionary serves as its model. Guessing what other players are drawing can earn you coins!

Show off your drawing skills in Drawize

You have a knack for drawing and you love it. It will help you relax and be more comfortable after a tiring day at work. That is the reason why the game developers created the game Drawize. This is an exciting platform for all players around the world. This is a multiplayer game, so you can play it with many people worldwide. If you just draw, it will be boring for this game. Therefore, the word guessing element is added to the game. You will guess the correct word through other people's pictures. You need to look at the picture and answer quickly before time runs out. You may not receive any points if you do not answer correctly or do not give an answer.

Two missions in Drawize

In this game, you have two main tasks which are drawing pictures and guessing words. For drawing, players will be randomly selected to draw pictures. The remaining players will guess the word represented by the picture. Whoever guesses the fastest gets the most points. If you can't guess the word, you won't get any points. Moreover, you need to guess quickly because time is limited. In addition, the more people guess the word correctly, the more points the painter gets. You can type the answer via the chat box. In the chat box, people can communicate with each other. However, the correct answers will be hidden and not visible to other players.

The rules success in Drawize

  • In this game, you can report the painter who draws the words on the screen. Therefore, you must draw pictures only. You can color your picture to make it easier to guess.
  • You need to choose one of three given words before drawing. Of course, you have to draw a picture about the word you just selected. One tip is that you can choose the easiest in three words.
  • You can know the number of letters in a word when the players done their picture. It may help you in guessing the correct word. However, if you know the answer without seeing the number of letters, you can get more points.
  • Each game has 7 rounds. The player who has the highest score will get the victory. After each match, you will get some coins.

Some other settings of Drawize

This game provides daily bonuses, shop, leaderboard and Drawize badges. For example, you can find out the top players daily. You can buy some useful items in a shop with coins. Remember that coins are very essential. If you want to experience more similar games as this puzzle game, you should try Tiny Fishing and Threes. With the same gameplay and harder words, you can challenge your vocabulary with that game.

Game control

You can hold and swipe the mouse to draw. To guess the words, you can use the mouse to press on the keyboard on the screen.