Avatar Game

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Meet a familiar character in Avatar Game

You control the Avatar character in this Avatar Game. Tons of obstacles are waiting for you to overcome them. Can you point out the difference?

I'm sure most gamers know the Avatar series, which is a classic movie. A lot of audiences are impressed with the characters of this series. Now, you can encounter them in Avatar Game. The main character has an adventure through many splendid sceneries which are inspired by the movie. You need to help the character overcome many deadly traps on the way. To complete this mission, agility, and shark eyes are necessary.

How to pass the dangers

The roads are designed with thousands of spikes and saws which can kill anyone easily. Your character only touches them and can cause death for himself. Now, let's explore how to overcome them!

Jump over them on time

You have to determine when to jump. This action must be repeated many times and for a short time. If you jump from a far distance or a too-short distance, the game will end immediately. This is a fast-paced game, so the character will run very fast and you can look or think carefully. Do you think Avatar Game have familiar gameplay? In fact, this game applies the Geometry Dash Lite game's rules.

Don't be fooled by obstacles and platforms

Sometimes, you must move over many platforms which are created alike. They will appear near each other and you will click the left mouse button continuously to reach them. However, when this platform chain ends, you still click the mouse which can make your character fall into the spikes. These spikes are put far from this chain for only a short distance.

Select your stages

Avatar Game has three stages which are Stereo Madness, Back on Track and Polargeist. Each stage has different environments and you also can turn on the practice mode for each stage. From that, you can replay the game at the last checkpoint. Therefore, you can understand more about the map of each stage. Don't wait anymore! Let's come and enjoy this incredible game now!