Draw And Save Stickman

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Relax with Draw And Save Stickman game

Stickman is getting a lot of trouble in the game Draw And Save Stickman. You have to save him from these dangers by drawing lines in this game.

Stickman needs your help in Draw And Save Stickman

There are many online games where the main character is a stickman. This puzzle game also features an acquaintance character. You often see stick people in other online games that are always strong and have special abilities. However, the stickman in the game Draw And Stickman is quite weak. They will always encounter dangerous situations that they cannot handle on their own. So they need your help. Besides this game, there are many other characters who need your help. Play Protect My Dog to have fun saving a puppy if you like this fun game where you have control over everything! Moreover, you can fish online in Tiny Fishing.

How to save the stickman

The Draw And Save Stickman game have 50 levels that get harder over time. Each level was created with different and unique situations such as being attacked by an enemy, attacked by a bird, falling into lava, falling into a nail, etc. The stickman can save himself from a predicament on all of these levels. The only issue is that he appears incapable of saving himself. So, you need to use your drawing skills to save the stickman. The stickman will stand on a platform, prepared to occasionally enter a shark's mouth or a lava puddle. Your task is to draw lines to help stabilize his position before the stickman is injured. You should follow the ink you have because it is limited. You can see the number in the top right corner of the screen. When the number reduces to 0, you can't draw anymore. Therefore, you shouldn't waste ink on the unneeded line. Try to keep him alive through fifty different scenarios!

Some characteristics in Draw And Save Stickman

  • This game is suitable for all age groups, even children because this game has easy gameplay and simple graphics. Although the gameplay isn't difficult, you also spend a lot of time solving the puzzles in this game.
  • This puzzle game has a full-screen mode. You can play in this mode to have the best gaming experience.
  • Let's play this game on many different devices such as smartphones, laptops, or computers. The game won't lag because of its simple graphics.
  • The game offers 50 levels to play, so you can test your intelligence quality. Make a surprise by passing all levels in this game!
  • Simple control: You just need to touch and move your finger when you play on mobile devices. You can draw by holding and swiping the mouse on the computer.
  • This game can bring a relaxing time to you after a long day. So, don't be hesitant! Come and enjoy this fun game. Hope you will like this game!