Doki Space Travel

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Discover the galaxy in Doki Space Travel

You will be accompanied by Doki in Doki Space Travel. It's time to collect as many stars as possible and the clocks in the air. Now, let's fly in the sky.

Space always contains many secrets. You and Doki will explore this mysterious space. There are many stars in the game and you need to collect them. However, the time is limited, so you need to lengthen the time by collecting the clocks. There is no level in this game. Try your best to fly as far as possible before time runs out. For more games, I highly recommend Dino Game and Doki Run for you. You will enter endless races of retro dino and Doki in those games.

How to fly up in Doki Space Travel

You will press the left or right arrows to move left and right. At the same time, you can fly up when pressing these buttons. The positions of the stars will change continuously, so navigating the character is very necessary. The clocks are very important in this game. Time will pass quickly. If you don't get the clocks, the time is very short. After the game ends, you will see the distance you can travel. Can you beat your record?