Doki Crush

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Play Doki Crush online

Doki Crush is an interesting game where you connect the same items together. Look at the time that is passing and you can lengthen it with items.

Doki Crush is for people who love puzzle games. You will play with a grid that has many different items on it. This game can be accessed by mobile or desktop thanks to its HTML5 technology. Now, you can enjoy this game at your school.

How to conquer Doki Crush online

This game is very easy for players, even children can play this game. You just need to swipe the mouse to match the same items together. However, you need to remember that they must be next together. If they are more than 1 or 2 cells apart, you cannot join them together. You just play the game at a certain time, but you can make it longer. After connecting some items, they will increase the limited time. If you think too slowly, the time will shorten quickly. Let's match the same items continuously.

Get the highest score in Doki Crush

When connecting the items together, they will disappear. Your scores then also increase. The more items you clear, the more points you get. Before time's up, you need to gain a high score. You can challenge your friends to see who will get more points. That will be very fun! You and your friends also can enjoy Drawize which is a famous multiplayer game in the world. You can prove your drawing talents and intelligence through that game.