Dig It

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Description of Dig It

Relax after a long day with the game Dig It. In this game, your mission is to lead the ball into a hole that is located at the bottom. Good luck!

This game has very simple graphics, but its gameplay is very addictive. Many players say that they can spend hours digging into this game. Now, you have a chance to enjoy this popular game on our website. You even can experience this game on mobile devices or desktops. One convenient thing is you don't need t wait for installation. I know another game with the same feature is Endless Siege. With these outstanding features, what are you waiting for? Play the game now!

Dig to lead the ball into a hole

Dig It allows you to dig anywhere you want. However, to pass a level, you need a strategy. First, you need to define the ball and hole position. After that, you will find the best way to lead the ball into the hole where mark with a red flag. Then, let's drag the mouse to dig a path. Make sure the width of the path is enough for the ball to move. The path will start at the ball's position and end at the red flag. In the sand, you may see many obstacles such as iron bars or spikes. They can get your ball stuck or even destroy it. In this game, you can collect gems to buy new balls. Let's try this game!