Om Nom Bounce

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Save your friends in this game

Om Nom Bounce is a shooting puzzle game. You need to estimate the direction of the projectiles to destroy as many enemies as possible. Good luck to you!

What happens

I'm sure that you know Om Nom which is a cute green creature. He really loves sweets but he will use them as the bullets in this game. He needs to save the friends who are captured by Spider Wizards. Of course, beating these spiders and their accomplices first. The enemies are very crowded. Can you destroy all their attack waves?

Game control

Om Nom is able to shoot candy projectiles. Hold your cursor on the screen and aim your shot with the dotted line. The left and right arrows allow you to move back and forth. Projectiles are used to defeat your enemies. Collect them to shoot more!

Pass many levels in the adventures of Om Nom in Om Nom Bounce

The journey of Om Nom is divided into many levels. You need to unlock them one by one. When you knock down all the enemies, you will automatically level up. There are some other games with levels such as Counter Craft 2: Zombies on our site.

Shoot the spiders and paints

There are two main enemies which are spiders and paints. The spiders can attack you unless they're next to you. However, paints can shoot you from a long distance. Therefore, it's better to kill the paints first. Your projectiles can bounce when they hit the solid objects. You can take advantage of these points to hit a monster many times with one projectile.

Upgrades your Om Nom

Let's visit the talent tree where you can upgrade Om Nom's talents. You need some candies to enhance his talents. You can improve his damage, health, etc when clicking on the talent tree. Then, your character is more powerful, and defeating enemies is easier.