Daily Dadish

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A dad needs to find his kids in Daily Dadish

Welcome to an exciting adventure of a dad in Daily Dadish. He will move around the map and reach the end of the roads to meet his children. Good luck!

What happens in this game

Dalish is the father of naughty children. When he takes a nap, his children immediately disappear. Now, he has to find out them one by one. They will appear in different levels in this game. After helping the poor dad, you can move to Idle Island to build your island. You will have a relaxing time when playing these games.

Overcome the dangerous route in Daily Dadish

On the way, Dadish has to face tons of deadly traps. If he only touches them, he will die. Therefore, you need to control him to jump over the obstacles. Besides, the movable monsters always threaten your character. Try to guest enemies' movements to have correct jumps.

More information about Daily Dadish

The unique levels

  • The game always renews the challenges by changing different levels each day. Each level is only around for a day! Play them before they disappear.
  • Beat a level fast enough and you'll get a star.
  • Use stars to unlock new customers.

How to control

  • You can use AD keys or left and right arrow keys to move the character forward or backward.
  • Press the spacebar to jump. Press for longer to jump higher. You can make a double jump by press the spacebar double.