Idle Island

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Visit Idle Island

Are you ready to develop an island in the Idle Island game? Exploit all the materials to build your island and find your princess in this game. Good luck!

You and your beautiful princess are going to a green island. However, a huge stickman comes and hot you. Then, he takes the princess away. Now, you need to rescue your love. First, you need to build a solid base. On the island, you need to control your stickmen to cut the trees and exploit rocks. Let's grow the island and meet your princess once again. You can have more adventures in Subway Surfers: Marrakech which takes you to beautiful Marrakech.

Two missions in Idle Island

To set up a huge and powerful island, you need to do two tasks constinously. They cut the tree and break the rocks. You will set up two basic houses first. Then, two workers from the houses will help you get wood and rocks. However, their productivities are less than yours.

The advantages of logs and rocks

As I mentioned, you can use logs and rocks to build two buildings. Moreover, they can be changed into coins. Let's move the changing house to sell them. With these coins, you can expand your island area and reach the place where the princess is arrested.

Tips to complete missions quickly

Your stickman can work effectively when he has powerful tools. You can move to the shop to buy some upgrades for your weapons. From that, the speed of cutting trees and breaking rocks will increase. This is a peaceful game who want to relax with simple thing.