Cut The Rope 2

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Feed Om Nom in Cut The Rope 2

You encounter Om Nom which is a cute and strange creature in the Cut The Rope 2. You will cut the rope for the candy to fall into Om Nom's mouth.

Om Nom is a green creature who loves sweets. There is a delicious candy that is forced to high places, so Om Nom can't reach it. Let's help this fun character because the scissors are in your hand. You will cut the rope by clicking, holding, and dragging the mouse across the rope. Many levels with various challenges are waiting for you. For more puzzle games, you can play Tetris which can challenge any mind.

Cut the rope

At some levels of Cut The Rope 2, you don't only cut one time. You even have to estimate the candy's direction when it rolls. From that, you can operate the wooden bards which can lead the candy to Om Nom. Therefore, you do not only cut the rope which forces the sweet, you must make some clever strategy. There are some problems that make your mission more difficult. Don't forget to collect all the stars on the screen. After Om Nom eats the candy, you move to challenge yourself to the next level. Children can play this unblocked game at school because of its adorable graphics and character.