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Arrange the blocks

Tetris is a puzzle game where you have to put blocks with different shapes into a grid. To clear all the blocks, you need to fill a row with blocks.

This is a very famous game in the world. In this game, your final mission is to clear all blocks in the grid. If the blocks touch the top of the grid, you will fail the game. The blocks will slowly fall to the bottom. You can choose the position to put those blocks. This isn't a tower-building game, so don't make a high tower in this game.

How to play the Tetris game

In this game, you will change your logical thinking by arranging tons of different blocks. The game allows you to decide where the blocks fall and rotate the blocks. Therefore, you need to utilize these features to clear as many blocks as possible. There is no level, so you just play until any block touches the top of the screen. You don't have much time to think because the blocks will drop continuously. You can follow the next blocks on the right column. From that, you should make a suitable strategy for each situation.

How to move the blocks

You can press the left and right arrow keys to move the blocks left and right. Press the up arrow to rotate the blocks. You can drop the blocks more quickly by pressing the down arrow key. Good luck!