Cube Colossus

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The battles in the universe

Cube Colossus is a shooting game where you drive a fighting spaceship. The huge cubes will move around and attack you. So, beat all of them!

Shoot down the enemies

The cubes always want to access you. They can decrease your spaceship's HP with one touch. Therefore, keep staying away from them. Moreover, some cubes even can shoot you. Look carefully and dodge the bullets in the air. You need to click on the left mouse button constinously to fire. Let's choose the targets which are nearest. When the energy is full, you can activate the special attack

Follow the static

On the screen, there are HP, energy, and special. Don't let your HP run out unless you want to end the game. In case you prefer the wit battles, Four In A Row is for you.

How to control

W key to change target to the nearest enemy
A and D keys to tilt the target offset counter clockwise
S key to reset the offset
Click the left mouse button to shoot
Swipe the mouse to move the spaceship
Press the ESC to pause the game.