Four In A Row

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Intro Four In A Row

Four In A Row appears as a classic game in over the world. You need to arrange four discs into one straight row. Of course, your opponent prevents you.

The rules

This game has very colorful discs and you even can choose your favorite color before you enter the match. In this game, you have wit battle with another. By all costs, you must get four discs in a row before your opponent does.

Three modes

You can choose the public room or private room to choose your opponent in Online player mode. If you want to play with your friend on the same device, you should select two-player mode. To practice your skills, don't forget to try play vs Computer mode. In three modes, you are allowed to customize some match features.

Put the discs into the grids

Four In A Row provides a grid with different numbers of holes for players. You and your opponent will put the colorful discs into these spaces in turn. You must prevent your foe complete a row with four discs. Otherwise, the game will be over. Your opponent also stands in your way. Therefore, you need to be very clever and sometimes, you need to trick your opponents.