Crazy Sheep Hopper

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What do you know about Crazy Sheep Hopper?

Let's help a sheep back to his barn in Crazy Sheep Hopper. Use the push force of the gun to take the crazy sheep to the destination. Can you do it?
On the screen, you can see a little sheep but it has a crazy idea. His barn locates far from him. Therefore, he will utilize the guns in his hands to push him higher. From that, he can easily reach the finish line. To estimate the direction, you need to be smart. I know another game Four In A Row that requires your wits.

Push the sheep to the barn

Crazy Sheep Hopper always set the barn in high locations or on the high stair. However, each time you shoot the gun only bounce the sheep a certain distance. So, you need multiple shots. Don't forget to collect the stars on the way. Just move through them to collect them. Can you complete the levels with the maximum stars? Let's move on the stairs one by one and reach the barn. After that, you can challenge your skills with the next levels. Now, it's time to help this poor sheep!