Crazy Egg Catch

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Keep the eggs safe

Crazy Egg Catch will challenge any player's agility. The players' mission is to transport the colorful eggs to the right places by using the proper portal.

Hen lays eggs

A hen is laying colorful eggs on the UFO. These eggs will drop into the air. You must prevent them from falling into a pan. You only can waste three eggs. Otherwise, the hen will be very angry and the game ends. This may be a strange game because you will encounter a hen laying eggs in a UFO. Do you want to see the strange game? Why don't you try Crazy Sheep Hopper where a sheep use a gun to come back home?

Change the color of the portals

As soon as the eggs fall down, they will go through a big portal. This portal will move the eggs to a suitable position. However, to do that, the color of the portal must be the same as the eggs' color. Therefore, you need to click on the proper colors to change the color of the portals. To ensure the eggs' safe, you must change the portal colors before the eggs move through it.

Control the color in Crazy Egg Catch

Just click the left mouse button on the colors to change. Don't forget to play this game on full screen.