Crazy Cars

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Visit Crazy Cars new world

Crazy Cars is true to the name of the game, where you can freely drive a supercar with the fastest speed. There will be no one on your way.

A simulation world was created for racers to improve their skills. The details are designed with an exciting 3D style that will bring you the most realistic driving experience. You can freely explore the racetrack or participate in races with a timer. If playing alone is too boring, invite other players. Click on 2-player mode and you can enjoy this game with your friends. Two people will play on the same device and see who will get to the finish line first. You can even explore this fantasy world together if two players don't want to race.

How to drive a car

If you are player 1, you can use WASD to move the car. If you are player 2, press the arrow keys to navigate the vehicle. With easy control as in Push Push Cat, this game should be in your favorite list.

Notes for newbie

In the map, there are almost no objects that can damage your car. However, falling into the water is not advisable because your car will be destroyed immediately. Now, start the engine and increase the speed to enjoy the greatness of this game.

Collect stars to change cars in Crazy Cars

In this game, the stars will be used as money in real life. You will use them to exchange new cars or buy new accessories for your car. How can I earn stars? In fact, they will appear all over the game's map. You just have to come and collect them. Big stars are more valuable than small stars.