Cookie Clicker City

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Experience the Cookie Clicker City game

Cookie Clicker City is a great way to unwind. You have to produce the cookies and build your island at the same time. Can you get 1 billion cookies?

This is an arcade game that has eye-catching graphics. The easy gameplay and simple control can attract players of all ages. You don't need to remember the recipe but still make delicious cookies. Just click the left mouse button to create a cookie. Then, let's use these cookies to develop your island. There is another game that only requires clicking the mouse. It's Tap Tap Shots where you can play basketball on your device.

Two tasks in Cookie Clicker City Unblocked

This game can be accessed by any smart device. You also can enjoy this game every time you want. Now, let's learn more about the gameplay of this entertaining game!

Create cookies manually or with tools

In Cookie Clicker City, one click is one cookie. Therefore, you can get more cookies if you click quickly. Of course, clicking the mouse for a long time makes your fingers tired. Thus, the game offers many buildings and cursors for you to produce more cookies. However, you need to earn enough cookies to build these buildings and buy cursors. Don't forget to upgrade them to have the best productivity.

Build your island

Cooking cookies is the main economic activity of this island. It means this island seems like a huge cookie factory. Spending cookies to get more cookies is the main rule of this game. How many cookies can your island make?

Simple control

Clicking the left mouse button to make a cookie. When you can buy many cursors and buildings, you can relax and look at the cookie-making process. I want to introduce another game for you which also has simple controls. That is Fisherman Life where you also build an island and catch fish.