Connect Image

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Introduction to Connect Image

Connect Image is a connecting game where you need to complete pictures. You need to combine the pieces to create a complete picture. Have fun!

This is a game that can test logical thinking because you need to imagine a complete picture from the pieces. Now you need to move these picture pieces to the appropriate position on the screen. The cartoons are adorable but have a lot of detail. This game is suitable for children during recess. This game can run on PC or smartphone. From there, players can challenge your intelligence even when you are walking. Make sure your device is always connected to the internet to be able to play this game for free. If you love cartoon style, you may like Dynamons 7. You can find many unique animals in that game.

Connect the pieces of pictures in Connect Image

Completed paintings are cut into many different pieces. These picture pieces are arranged haphazardly so you need to rearrange them. You can rely on the shadow to arrange the pieces. However, some pieces need to rely on your intelligence to arrange them in the correct position. As long as you complete the picture, you will complete a level. There are many levels with increasing difficulty in this game. The game has no time limit so you have a lot of time to think. How many levels can you pass in this fun game? Don't forget to share this game with your friends!