Dynamons 7

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The battle of powerful creatures

Dynamons 7 is the latest installment in the Dynamons game series. You will meet old dynamons and many new dynamons in this latest installment.

You will transform into a talented teenager who has great dynamon training skills. The young teenager wants to become the strongest trainer in the world, so he needs to assemble a powerful team of dynamons. He needs to train and compete against many different opponents on his journey. There are many opponents that have high level dynamons. Therefore, you also need to try to strengthen your dynamons team. This game will be the journey of a young teenager starting from a beginner until becoming the best trainer. Besides this game, you may like other games on the website like Merge Fruits.

Duties of a trainer in Dynamons 7

What you need to do is capture wild dynamons to form a strong team. Then, fight other dynamons to upgrade your dynamons.

Form a team

Initially, you have 3 dynamon options available. You will choose 1 of 3 available dynamons to start your journey. On the way, you will encounter many wild dynamons. They don't have a trainer yet, so you can use special items to catch them. If you are successful, you will add a new member to your team. You need to make sure your team has enough dynamons with different elemental powers.

Level up dynamons

The power of dynamons depends largely on the level of the dynamon. You can level up a dynamon when its experience points are full. Gems are also one of the necessary items to level up a dynamons. How to earn more EXP? You need to take the dynamons you want to level into battles and fights. Hope you will have the strongest dynamons.