Memory Match Puzzle

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Ready for challenging your memory

You have to remember many cards' images to conquer Memory Match Puzzle. Choose one of three modes in this game to have fun! Good luck to you!

Is your memory good? Can you remember all images and their position with one look? In this game, you have to clear all the cards on the table. To complete the mission, you have to match two identical cards together. The game is not easy to pass because all the cards will be turned over. You only have some seconds to remember all cards before they turn over.

Select the Memory Match Puzzle modes

This game is designed with three modes for players. They are level, time attack, and relaxing modes. Each mode has different rules and features.

Level mode

You need to clear all cards in a certain time to pass a level. Many levels are waiting for you in this mode. You will lose if the time runs out and you still have some cards left. The higher levels will always be harder than the previous levels.

Time attack

You will have 60 seconds in the first stage. Each stage passes, you will get extra time. Until the time reaches 0, the game will stop. This mode will bring the thrill to you as in Narrow One.

Relaxing mode

This mode is created to clear your mind. You don't need to pay attention to the timer because it's unlimited. You can have more time to think about the strategy and remember the cards. This mode is very suitable for the newbies who want to know more about the gameplay.