Castel Wars Modern

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The night fight start

You will turn into the heroes in Castel Wars Modern. With many different modes, you have to face a lot of enemies. Now, let's show off your fighting skills.

Are you ready to get the victory in this fighting game? This game allows you to play with another friend. You will become opponents together. Although that is your friend, let's beat him or her! The retro graphics are light and the weak devices can access this game.

How to play Castel Wars Modern

This game has many different weapons such as guns, cannons, swords, and so on. You also can decide what weapon you will use as long as it's suitable for you. However, I suggest that weapons with longer ranges are better. Of course, you have to move cleverly.

Player 1 uses the arrow key to move, the L key to attack, and the M key to pick the object up. Player 2 uses WAD to move, press E to attack and Q to pick weapons.

Select the Castel Wars Modern modes

The game has three different modes which are battle, mayhem and robot zombies. In all these modes, you have to compete together.


This is the real fight and you have to attack together. In this battle, you even can customize some features such as timer, stages and number of times to defeat the opponent to win. Then, you just click on the start button to begin the competition.


I think this mode offers the most weapons to you. You must jump on the platforms which are floating on the lava to take them. Whoever kills more lives will be the winner. Let's use the portal to move quickly.

Robot zombies

Instead of fighting together, now you will try to kill as many zombies as possible. When time's up, you must kill more zombies to get the victory. In this mode, you can play alone or have fun with your friend. Besides this game, you also can play Attack Hole Online to relax.