Attack Hole Online

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Fight powerful boss

Attack Hole Online allows you to use a hole to collect all different bullets on the floor. Then, you use these bullets to shoot bosses at the level.

Instead of using guns or cannon, your weapon is a black hole. This hole can contain many bullets. This game is inspired by Hole.io but you have more missions here. You have to move around to collect all the bullets and defeat the bosses. Good luck to you!

Knock down Attack Hole Online boss

As I mentioned, your hole can attack any enemy with its bullets. Now, you must finish some steps first to be invincible.

Collect bullets

The bullets are put on the floor and you must grab all of them. If you lack some of them, your hole doesn't have enough damage to beat the enemies. When you complete some levels, you will unlock new bullets. The later bullets are always more powerful than the previous ones. The timer is limited, so you must be quick.

Shoot bosses

After you get enough bullets, you are sent to the new playground. The boss is waiting for you here. Let's click on hold on the bullet icon to shoot the enemies. When the boss falls down, many coins will drop out of it. They are your loot.

Purchase some upgrades in Attack Hole Online

The bosses are increasingly powerful, so you need to upgrade some items. These 3 upgrades are the timer, size of the hole, and power. You can increase the timer to collect more bullets. Besides, you can grab more bullets when your hold size is bigger. Of course, the bullet damage also rises when the power level goes up.