Cake Slice Ninja

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Have fun with Cake Slice Ninja

Immerse yourself in the cake world of Cake Slice Ninja. Many types of sweets appear and even you may see some bombs. Let's become a ninja and slice cakes!

Many players may be familiar with a classic game where you slice various fruits. That classic game inspires this game, but your target isn't fruit. You will cut many cakes. This is a heaven of sweet teeth! With two modes, the players will have an exciting experience.

Guide to play Cake Slice Ninja

Select mode

This game has classic and arcade modes. In two modes, your final target is to slice all the cakes on the screen and avoid cutting the bombs. If you cut the boom, you will lose the game or decrease the points. You only can drop three sweets in the classic mode. Otherwise, the game will end. In arcade mode, you only have 1 minute to get as many scores as possible. Cutting one bomb will decrease by 50 points.

How to control

Click, hold the left mouse button, and drag across the cakes on the screen to cut them. This game is a great way to practice your agility and your hands. I also offer Hidden Animals for anyone who wants to challenge their eyes.