Bubble Master

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Relax with the colorful bubbles

You need to destroy all bubbles in a shooting game called Bubble Master. You need to shoot the same color bubbles together. Don't let them touch the bottom.

Sometimes, you want to find an arcade game to entertain. The shooting game with first person may not be suitable for you. It's better to choose a simple game like Bubble Master or Fish Story 2. In this game, you can see many colorful bubbles which can move slowly down.

Pop all bubbles in Bubble Master

This game has the rules based on the classic gameplay of shooting ball games. In this game, you just need to shoot the ball. Now, let's discover the rule to destroy many bubbles here.

Shoot the same bubbles together

You can see on the screen many of the same bubbles next to each other. Now, you will put another same bubble next to them. Then, they will disappear. Remember that only three or more bubbles can create an explosion.

Tips to conquer this game

  • You should clear the bubbles which are near the bottom first. If they hit the bottom, you will lose this game.
  • You can observe the color of the ball which you will shoot. Then, you can decide the suitable position.
  • Use the dotted line to adjust the bubbles's direction. Moreover, the bubbles can bounce when they hit two sides.

Unlock many rewards in this game

When you achieve certain points in this game, you can get some reward. Let's get the highest score and share it with your friends. You even can beat your own record in Bubble Master.