Bridge Water Rush

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Build the stairs in this game

Bridge Water Rush allows you to control a stickman to build a stair to reach a yacht. Other opponents in this game have the same target as you.

In this game, your mission is to go on the yacht before your opponents can do it. You will see ropes connecting from the water to the boat. However, you cannot move up on the yacht using these ropes because you must get to the platforms. These platforms float on the water and you need to collect them. Once you have multiple platforms, move them up the ropes to create stairs. To complete a bridge, you need a lot of stairs. Try to collect the platforms as quickly as possible.

How to reach the yacht first in Bridge Water Rush

At first, your opponent is only one person. However, the number of opponents will increase as you play later levels. Whoever touches the yacht first will be the winner.

Collect platforms quickly

You have two ways to complete the bridge quickly. Your character's capacity is unlimited, so you can choose as many platforms as possible. You can estimate the amount of platforms to build a bridge. Then, you collect enough platforms at once. You can also collect platforms many times. Remember that you can collect the same color platforms as your stickman. For another colorful game, you can't skip Bubble Shooter.

Replace the opponent's bridge

At some levels, there are 3 builders but only 2 bridges. So, this game allows you to replace the opponents' platforms with your platforms. Be careful because your opponents also can destroy your bridge.